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Bitdefender Antivirus – The Best Free Antivirus


If you are looking for a good secure but free antivirus. Bitdefender is the one and only choice for me. Why it’s the best of best? Well I have briefly discussed about Bitdefender Antivirus in this article. Hope you’ll agree with me after reading this article.

So, lets move on.


Virus, Spyware and adware, & Malware Security: 90%

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus experienced a great deal of trouble guarding our testing Computers from disease and other malware microbe infections.

First, we seriously infected our trials PCs with this latest batch of malware, including infections, spyware and adware, Trojans, and so on. Next, we unleashed Bitdefender Antivirus to observe how well it could do.

Through the first check out, Bitdefender was struggling to remove almost all of the microbe infections. At one point, I used to be pressured to reboot to keep. That helped a great deal, but Bitdefender must have been able to take care of this malware better. Inc the finish, 84% of malware examples were removed.

Next, by using a different newly installed Glass windows 10 test Operating-system, we put a fully-updated duplicate of Bitdefender Antivirus onto the device, and attemptedto use a batch of malware examples to see if Bitdefender could prevent and stop the viruses.

We were amazed that only one half of the malware hazards were obviously clogged and removed. Of the rest about 40% didn’t may actually complete, but at least 10% received through, unfortunately.

Last, we examined Bitdefender’s antiphishing where it does quite well, efficiently stop known phishing sites about 90% of that time period.


Resource Use: 96%

Bitdefender do well inside our system impact exams. When owning a full-system check out, Bitdefender only tangled up about 7% of your PC without significant impact when accomplishing common PC work like downloading or web browsing, despite having multiple tabs and multiple home windows open.

First boot-up time slowed Home windows from totally booting up by about 19 a few moments, which is significantly less than ideal however, not a huge concern for many people.

When working idly in the backdrop Bitdefender Antivirus demonstrated no noticeable effect on overall system performance.

It’s clear Bitdefender has put a whole lot of work into this area of the software. It shows.






Bitdefender’s interface is little altered since previous year’s version, which is ideal for those already acquainted with how it operates. It’s mostly simple to use, but might use some improvements.

Our biggest grievance, as we’ve with other opponents, too, is the fact the written text is really small and difficult to learn in places even though there’s lots of space for bigger, easier-to-read words. The same applies to some of the tiny blue switches in the program. (C’mon, folks, crank the scale up!)

The other thing we’re not thinking about is the navigation is often too simplistic. Instead of having a straightforward lefthand navigation with easy to get at options, each section enables you to feel just a little lost if you want to navigate in other places in the program.

Overall, it’s not well known, but it’s the average interface that’s easy enough to work with.



Bitdefender’s tech support team is still a problem for all of us again this season.

Within the software is a tiny link that gives you a choice to get hold of them or search their support webpage for help.

And this, that’s where the trouble starts. The “contact” form only gathers data on one’s body, then transmits that off (you desire) to allow them to try to examine the problems. The catch is, there is no expectation of what’s next or when.

Your only choice is to hold back to allow them to contact you from then on. There is no further contact option at this time.

Their searchable knowledgebase will answer most questions, but if you want to speak to a genuine person, it’s difficult to hook up with them.

If you’re ready to search for it, Bitdefender comes with an email form, but you will need to provide your certificate key as evidence you’re a paying customer (absurd) before you even get access to it. And there is no sign when (or even if) someone are certain to get back.

The true problem with this is the fact that some trojans reboot your personal computer non-stop, rendering it impossible to draw out your certificate key. In which particular case, you’re just out of good fortune.

If these options aren’t enough for you, there are a few very small control keys on the web page for telephone or talk options. Much like most the rest Bitdefender did with support, this is not easy either: the switches are small and easily overlooked.

If you get serious infected with a computer virus, and Bitdefender Antivirus can’t be rid from it automatically, you can get their “advanced” support, for a (significant) charge: $99. Fees such as this are too much, particularly when others like VIPRE and ESET do that for free and provide easy-to-reach support.

At this time, it’s no real surprise if you come to the same summary we have: that Bitdefender doesn’t actually want to speak to its customers.

Summary – Overall Rating: 85%

Average antivirus protection
Excellent source of information usage
Very hard support options
30-day money-back guarantee
Bitdefender has slid along the ranks over time, but in days gone by year or two it winds up someplace in the centre. This year is not a different.

The biggest matter we had found is it’s mediocre antivirus cover. Considering how harshly we test each antivirus software, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus only obtained average points in comparison with its competitors. Pretty good, not great. And, especially not great likened side-by-side using its competitors.

Over the plus area, Bitdefender Antivirus has one of the lightest operating antivirus software we’ve examined this season with very nominal system performance impact.

And undoubtedly, Bitdefender’s tech support team remains unnecessarily troublesome, frustrating sometimes, and expensive if you want advanced support.

Overall, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is not the average antivirus software.








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